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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Will The Real Lynn Allen Please Stand Up: August 2011

Will The Real Lynn Allen Please Stand Up: August 2011

Bonjour mon Amies.  (Hey!)  Hope that things are going well for everyone. I can honestly say that this month has been crazy. I am truly blessed and highly favored.  All I have to say is God is awesome, and if you don’t know you better ask somebody.  Ok so I want to take this time to dedicate this segment of the blog to all the silent haters out there.  Just to know that you hate silently or on face book makes me laugh.  On a lighter note I would like to say happy birthday to all my friends in August: Talathia McKenzie (Feel better boo you are in my prayers always.)  My cousin, Brent Lewis, and long time friend, Matt Thompson hope you all are blessed with more birthdays.

Football is Back!!!

I have to say that I am happy for football coming back. I, however, can not say that about all women. There are millions of women around the country that are pissed that the lockout is over, because now their husbands have an excuse to get missing on Sunday and Monday nights.  What a lot of women fail to realize is that the relationship would go so much easier if she would just jump on the sports band wagon.  Then again, the relationship would be better if some of the men were to cook, clean and keep their children (enough said there).  Yes, men are attracted to us when we get all dolled up, however, they find you more attractive in a jersey with a beer koozie in hand.  A lot of you are sitting there rolling your eyes at me, but I’m serious.  A woman with a shot of tequila and a dirty mouth is the sexiest thing to a man (ask Justin Timberlake).  What’s not so sexy is a girl who doesn’t understand the rules to the game.  There is nothing more unattractive then a girl who doesn’t know the difference in a touchdown and a field goal.

Bitching it Out on Facebook

The biggest pet peeve that I have right now with facebook is when you see these long comments between two people that are arguing.  I hate looking on my page and seeing two people go back and forth online for the whole world to see.  It’s bad enough that you weren’t smart enough to send a text to the person you’re pissed at, but to take it global is just terrible. It’s like a big car accident that no one wants to get involved with but they don’t mind watching.  I guess the thing that pisses me off here is the person that feels that they have to say something snarky on a face book comment. There was a time before facebook and the glorified presence of computers where you either wrote a hand written letter or just got in someone’s face and said what you had to say, then fought and moved on. What the hell happened?  I’ll just say this, not just in my blog but I’ll say it to your face as well. Stop nursing your insecurities on face book, the rest of the world is tired of you bitching and moaning about everything. If you can’t express your feelings in person, than do us all a favor and invest in a diary. Border’s is having a going out of business sale, so it should not be hard to find one.

The Double Standard in a Relationship.

So this was one of the topics selected for my opinion. Why is it when you are in a relationship that it is not ok for your spouse to have a friend of the opposite sex?  I laugh at this one, because there are a lot of women who have straight male friends, but if their spouse has a straight female friend then it is an issue.  I do think that it is a double standard.  How could you, a woman, be the only woman in a group of guys and then be ready to throw hands with any girl who even stops to ask your man for directions?  Then again we have to look at this from both sides.  I have mostly guy friends and LJ knows my guy friends. Lj can have female friends I just have to check them out because these days you never really know.   From a woman’s perspective I would say that it’s an equal thing. Men are just as uncomfortable about their spouse’s friends of the opposite sex as we are.  With the male friends there are some who don’t really care about a commitment that you have, ever since the song “What Your Man Got to Do With Me” came out, some men feel that they are going to test you.  Then again it could be said about some women (have you seen the movie Obsessed?, gents if you come home to your girl beating the hell out of the creepy girl that stalks you at the office, then maybe you should have taken better notes.)   All I’m saying is that given the stereotypical displays here I am thankful to say that the men that run in my circle are nothing like that to me, they are my brothers and I don’t think that I could ask for better so shout out to JT, D, NC, Alex, Daniel, Christian and KD for being those brothers.

Mom Gets Off For Murder of Child

Ok I know that when I saw this story I was mad.  There was a thought in my mind to do a special edition of my blog just for this topic.  My first question is what the hell is really wrong with the system these days? I’m to understand  that people get locked up for robbing banks and drug possession, however, I’m having a hard time trying to process why there are a bunch of killers still walking the streets.  I don’t really care how you spin it, there is no “well I accidentally killed my daughter.”  That whole excuse “it was an accident" is just a load of BS.  I’m sitting here thinking about the slew of bad mothers that I have come across in my life time and wonder what makes you so damned special that you get to have children?  I can imagine the most caring person in the world who can’t have children of their own by some cruel tip of fate, but these monsters out here can have children.  I think the universe has a sick since of humor. Mothers are suppose to be selfless, everything for their children, then again there are some that can’t see past the nose on the face.  Yes, people are given second chances all the time, a lot of people don’t really disappoint when they screw up said second chance.  In my eyes there are two types of people, the ones who actually do take the chance and prove that they learned something and the ones that have learned nothing at all.  Sad to say that the ratio for the nothing at all types is greater than the ones that have changed.

The Kids Are in the Corner

So I had already finished the blog, until I was in the grocery store and saw this.  This lady had three children with her.  The middle child kept touching things in the store after his mother asked him not to.  When he finally pushed her to her breaking point she yells “you’re going to go stand in the corner when we get home.”   I almost laughed at this.  Because I really wanted to ask her what the hell was standing in the corner gonna do?  I cannot fathom what that is suppose to solve.  I mean, little Jimmy is gonna sit in the corner and just figure out more ways to torment you.  Take some advise and whoop little Jimmy’s butt.  I’m not saying hit him until he blacks out, but don’t be light handed.   Maybe some of these moms need a Madea in their lives b/c if you’re too scare to beat your kids, she for damn sure is not.  If your one of these parents that have kids that are bold enough to call the police on you b/c you hit them, then in true Madea fashion say that you hit the last kid so hard they "dialed 919” But please stop putting your kids in corners, it doesn’t solve anything and makes your children think that they run you.  Maybe I should send every parent to time out for not learning how to control their children.

Hope everyone has a great month.  Please leave comments and be sure to visit my blog’s new home at www.thereallynnallen.blogspot.com.   Peace and God bless.

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  1. This doesnt make any since that I read this a little late and people have not made a comment on the blog page. You are ready know we are like family. Great blog as usual and thanks for the shout