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Monday, October 10, 2011

Will The Real Lynn Allen Please Stand Up: October 2011

W  hat’s up to all my  raved  readers,   I would like to just take this moment to say that my last month’s edition of my blog was on a big personal tangent.  I was really moved by all the comments that I got, because that really let’s me know who really has my back and who would love to see me fall.  I want to thank you all for all of your heart felt wishes and curse outs on my behalf.   You guy are the effin bomb dot com.    One last thing before I get to the program.  I would like to take this time to shout out some wonderful occasions coming up.  My Long time friend, Erica Buccini will be marrying the man of her dreams on October 1st, I can not express how happy I am for her. Boochie, if you are reading this I would like to take this time to say girl we have come a long way from those two girls that used to spend after school at the boys and girls club.  God bless you and Mike and may your life together be full of excitement, and many more happy moments.  Another happy occasion is my home girl Toya Funderburk is celebrating a new life into the world on October 8th.  Toya if you are reading this, I would like to just say, I know that Kendra and I have been working tirelessly but I’m sure that the fruits of our labor of love will pay off when we throw the most amazing baby shower  ever , we love you boo!!.  And birthday shout out to my high school buddy Billy Williams  Love ya boo and may god bless you on your special day.  Ok now on to the 411.

Children: The New Spouses:

I was sad and dismayed when I was watching Dr. Phil the other day and I saw this segment on teen girls trying to grow up to fast.  Then there’s this grown ass 40 year old man who has taken a 7 year old as his wife. (is that not disgusting?)  I mean the child is not even fully developed and you’re taking her as your wife.  This one girl was fifteen and she had just lost a lot of weight.  She was on the show parading around in clothes that you would see a prostitute in…  So the question that I want to ask is what the hell is going on with these parents?  I’m starting to think that my generation was the last sane generation.  When I hear that 14 year olds are walking around wanting older men to take notice of them, it makes me want to run a just beat the hell of the kids’ parents.  My advice stop letting your daughters act so  damned grown up.  Take the time to know who they are spending their time with, let her know a child’s place because adulthood is not all that it is cracked up to be.  So to all you men that think that having a wife that is a decade younger than you and you are only 27, do me a favor and go walk out in front of the nearest bus, because if you can’t find a woman somewhere around your age to marry, then you are profoundly screwed up and should seek professional help.

Family Members weighing in on Life decisions:

Ok as of lately I have been getting the whole.  “When are you and L getting married?”  Question.  I have to say that it’s driving me crazy.  I understand that everyone one has these ideals of what love is.  My uncle raked me across the coals last week when he found out that L and I have been together for four years.  Some people are under the impression that four years is too long.  To me I think four years is fine. I do not want to get married because you all say so.  I’m not going to force L. to make a huge decision just because it’s what everyone expects.  Funny thing is no one in my family is still married to the same person that they started off with.  Some have been married multiple times.  Which poses the question, how the hell are you going to tell me to do something when you aren’t in a relationship?  I’m tired of people telling me what is best for me when they aren’t in my similar situation.   Fun fact: Lj and I will get married, but it will be up to us to figure that out. It's our decision, no one else’s.

Reviving the Revolution

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and there was a point that was brought up about how no one really takes a stand for anything anymore.  I have to say that I don’t fully agree with that.  People do take a stand; it’s more of how much of a stand are you willing to take?  Many great people have gone to rallies and picketed so that we all can enjoy a lot of the freedoms that we have today.  People in the 60’s and the 80’s, they had passion.  They moved so many mountains and made things happen.  Where is the fight now?  Could it really be possible that in every life time there is only going to be one generation that will really stand for something?   The thing is a lot of people fight for the wrong things.  No one really thinks about what kind of legacy that they will leave behind.   I would like to think that I would leave behind a lot of things for people to think about, which is why I started this blog.  Nothing here is to make any of you agree with me, but to make you look at things in way that you never would have .  Sure some things I come up with are completely random, but they still make you think.  Maybe not all the great revolutionaries are dead, maybe I’m a revolution in progress….

The Artist vs. the Interpretation

This segment is for all my artists out there.  All of you do what you do because you have gifts.  We unleash those gifts out into the world.  But how do you deal when someone mis-interprets your work.  I have a friend who has this gift and the project he has taken on has people labeling him as a racist.  I have to play both sides of the fence.  As the artist we like to think that we have no boundaries but the that sometimes without even meaning to we offend someone in our audience.  The audience is offended hence comes the point where we start throwing labels out.  Because life has taught us that being an artist makes people a little uncomfortable when we make them think of things that could be looked at as a personal stab.  We as the artist sometimes may think that our audience is a little too sensitive.  But then again, interpretation is free not everyone is going to see what you were trying to do.  Some people are going to be offended, and I as an artist laugh, because through this whole spill I wasn’t looking to offend you I was merely trying to put an idea out into the universe that other people may be scared to think or even say out loud.  I laugh a little more and clutch my sides as I ponder  just how ignorant you may have been to my point all along, because we as humans don’t know any better.  If we all took the time to bask in the ambiance of an artist, to really listen to them or really look at them then maybe will have gained a vast amount of knowledge that we never would have gotten if we did not let the sanctuary of our own ignorance collapse upon us.

Sigh, I’m done for this month, hopefully someone took something from this.

Peace brothers and sisters

~Original Lynn~