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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Opening the Door

Will the Real Lynn Allen Please Stand Up: Opening the Door
Greetings to you all; I’m pretty sure that by the end of this I will lose some readers, but at the same time I hope to gain some.  I am very glad that President Obama will be serving another term.  Yes a bunch of you want to cry and say that he ruined this country, but what do you expect to happen when you inherit an economically damaged country. You didn’t honestly think that all this shit would go away after four years? If you did think that then you learned nothing through life and the changing of the times.
Martin Luther King Jr. said it best:
“All progress is precarious, and the solution of one problem brings us face to face with another problem”
In order for us to really get anywhere, a lot of battles have been fought. Our ancestors marched for us to make better decisions. The president will not be able to clean this mess up over night, it will take time. Patience is a virtue.
During this election I have sat by idle watching people and seeing how they react. So now I will address it all. To those of you who did not vote but have the nerve to be on face book posting these ridiculous statements, you know nothing; because if you really cared about how things turned out you should have taken an interest.  You tried to close the door on the low percentile, but we kicked it in.
For those of you who are barely making it and had the nerve to go for a candidate because of the color of his skin and not his principles, shame on you.  Here I was thinking that we left this racist thing behind in the past, guess I wrong. I’m not sure how your parents raised you, but mine raised me to see that the world is not just black and white; to embrace the many shades of grey in between.
I was sad to read the many hateful statements that were posted on twitter. There was one that stuck out to me that made me realize that people really are cruel. I’m almost ashamed to repost it because I was as taken aback as some of you may be, but here it is
(see bottom of blog)
The first part was bad enough b/c you’re talking about someone’s family. Those girls did not ask for their father to be president, which is just where their path in life lead them. The second part referring to Romney as a king and saying that she hopes that he passes a law to make African American people slaves because she doesn’t like doing stuff for herself was the jaw dropping moment for me. (Girl Get ya life).
 My friend Jeremy was right, someone needs to back hand this chick. So, I’m supposed to work hard and clean up after you and be treated as a lesser person?  I must have missed the memo that we were stepping back into Civil War times.  I hope that my blog makes it way to this misguided child.  Honey, people did not march and die so that we could go backwards. Stop looking at the situation as a black man is in the oval office, just respect the position.  People are under the impression that I would have been less than cooperative if Romney had won.  Let me be clear on this even if the president had been a white man I still would have respected the position; I don’t have to like him but I do have  to respect that he is the commanding officer of this nation.
Moving on from that, Romney being white or how much money he has  did not have anything to with me not liking him, It was about what he stood for.  Romney wanted to take away PBS; that would not have been a smart move. You want to take away a channel that has a lot of educational television shows that help today’s youth grow.  How much sense does that make? Our youth today are already running the streets and not knowing how to speak proper English. Just imagine what would have happened if PBS was taken off the air, I don’t think that I would want to see that future.
Furthermore, there is the issue about abortion.  I am a woman and if I do not want to have a child that should be my choice. The government does not own my body. I personally don’t favor abortion; but think of your daughters, sisters, nieces, and wives. What if someone raped them and a child was created out of that?  Rape it’s self is a traumatic experience in its self. To not be given a choice is just like not having your own mind. People are going to do what they wanted to do and yes we understand that when judgment day comes, that is going to be up to that person to be prepared to meet God. We are not a perfect people; we do mess up from time to time.
I’ve always said that the movie, Head of State with Chris Rock, was a premonition. Things are coming to past as written. Instead of being upset help keep the door open. After all if one of us makes it out to a better life, why would you want to shut that door for others to follow. We constantly set ourselves up for failure when we leave others behind.
 Peace be upon you all .

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