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Monday, November 22, 2010

Will the real lynn Allen please Stand Up ( October Edition)

Yo and hello to all of my readers.  I have been having a hectic month but things are going great.  I hope that all of you can say the same thing.  So here we go for some of the highlights and pet peeves of this month. Comments are always welcome.

<span>Sprint Music Video </span>

Ok I just want you guys to know the crazy people that i work with.  Some are on a level of crazy that would be considered to be good, as for the others.......... well...... that is another story.  But on a serious note i have to shout out my people that did do the music video for Customer Service week.  It's rediculous at how much talent is in one place.  So many dancers,  singers and rappers.  Hat's off to you guys.

<span>Throw backs</span>

I would like to say a big thank you to my friend Carrie Boyd for posting somee pictures from highschool.  i have to say that i did get a little sentimental while i looked thru them.  It's nice to remember all the friends that you did have.  Not to mention to get a  good laugh at some of the things that we wore back in the day and thought were cool.  I love you Care Bear.

<span>Shooting Someone for Baggy Pants</span>

Ok I was a bit disturbed when i saw this story on a friend of mine's page. I don't know if it was b/c people are getting shot in the ass for not wearing their pants the way they are suppose to, or if it was the dude that did the shooting looked just like a gut i work with at my office. (suspect).   So guys going back to what we said a few postings back.  The don't have to be tight but they don't need to be 8 sizes too big, find a middle ground so that hopefully some crazy guy won't go home and get the heat and literally bust a cap in that ass.


It seems like there are alot of friends that I have talked to this week that are seeking redemption about something or other.  All i have to say on this is in order to get the redemption that you are looking for the other person you are trying to redeem yourself for must be willing to help you get there.  None of us are perfect, and at one time or another are seeking some way to redeem ourselves.  Some of you out here feel that you must past judgement on others.  My questions here is,  who the hell died and made you God?  Only the powers that be have the right to judge and no one else.

 <span> BO in the Workplace</span>

Ok let's be real for a second.  When I look on my page and see five people are questioning hygene of their fellow co-workers and i witness it first hand there is something that needs to be done.  OK, and I'm not pointing anyone out but if  your shift started at 7 am and your musty at 9:30am  then we have a problem here.  This goes back to what i'm saying as to why people at work make me a little nervous when they do potlucks. If i see that your hygene is not up to par what the hell do i look like sampling a dish that you brought from home.  Deoderant is your friend, and anyone who does not use it should be a shamed, you as a grown ass individual should know that presentation is the key.

<span>Football Season</span>

All i have to say is wow. I know that my team is not doing what they need to right now.  But let's talk about the panthers for a sec.  Maybe you guys should have kept Jake it can't get any worse than it is now. Or here's a thought maybe if  football teams didn't care about images so much you should have got VIck. yeah we are aware that he did do time, but hey name one famous person who hasn't.  i mean TI did time and we still love him, and go buy (download) his alblum when it comes out. God knows that everytime Lindsey Lohan pulls something you alll still go and watch her movies.  i guess my point here is that the rich and famous are still people they are going to do wrong, but that doesn't make them not be good at what they do, am i right?

<span>Dating Underage</span>

Ok my biggest pet peeve is underage dating.  LEt's be clear what do you look like at 21 dating a 17 year old.  I just want to stop for a moment and say that statutory rape is not just a phrase, hard time does come with that.  All these teachers sleeping with students and grown ass individuals dating children it's like what the hell is wrong with you.  I'm not a parent, but I am a nanny and that is close enough for me.  If I ever saw a grown man trying to date one of my girls, let's just say he would not be the only one doing time. I be doing some time of my own for attempted murder.  I understand that back in the Little house on the prarie days that grown men were marrying 16 year old girls b/c that's how things were done.  Guess what, this is 2010, and gents i'm sorry 16 year old girls are not marriage material.  It is beyond me as to why you would want to put your self thru listening to the whinning of an underage girl.  and Ladies dating a teenage boy, is not cute.  you're in your mid 20's and junior over there can't even got to a bar with you. Nor does he even have a car.  Here's an idea, The next time that you and junior go on a date let me know how you coordinate that around the CATS bus schedule.  Or if he invites you over to the cribe to get the business, tell how you can look in the mirror at your self knowing that his moms was in the next room.  Ladies & Gents alike tween town is not the place to be.  Put that on a post it note and take it with you.

Well peps i guess that is all that i have to say today. i hope that you all enjoy and comment comment comment !!!

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